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By now almost everyone is aware of the potential damages that the depleting natural resources can bring about to the Earth to generate electricity. Coal, natural gas and petroleum cause pollution increase the carbon emissions and are not sustainable enough to generate clean electricity. And in such a crisis the most dependable solution to have plenty of electricity is through the Sun. Solar energy is renewable, clean and available in abundance.

According to statistics, approximately 44% of homeowners have already made the switch from power grid electricity to solar panel electricity. However, despite the growing number of installations of residential solar in Perth, many are still reluctant to make the change. Why?

Solar Panel Installation Cost

Homeowners believe that the solar panel installation cost will be out of their budget. However, there is only one initial investment and no recurring payments.


Residential Solar System

Anticipation of a better solar panel version at a lesser price, further delays the decision to install a residential solar system. Let us be honest, in the future.

Repairs and Replacements

Many families refrain from investing in residential solar panels because they doubt their efficiency. They don’t want to get into the troubles of repairs and replacements. iGreen Energy is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) licensed solar supplier.

Experienced and Professional

Many homeowners are worried that a solar panel installed over the roof, will not only look unappealing but will also damage the roof. Nonetheless, if you hire an experienced and professional company, like iGreen Energy.

Basic Knowledge

Despite the popularity of solar systems, many families lack the basic knowledge about its advantages. Various sellers are pushing sales, rather than keeping the consumer informed. At iGreen Energy, you can feel free to reach out.

Residential Uses

Solar panels can produce 300 watts per hour, generating about 3000 watts daily. This is sufficient to power an average household. Homeowners often associate solar panels with larger spaces, but they are a viable option for residential use.

Benefits of Residential Solar:

Renewable Energy


Fossil fuels deplete and emit harmful byproducts, making solar energy the ideal alternative for a sustainable environment. Harnessing the sun's clean energy helps mitigate climate change, reduce pollution, and ensures a greener future for planet.

Energy Independence


A home reliant on solar panels is able to function entirely off-grid, even during non-sunlight days. This is because every solar panel is supplemented with a solar battery system to gather and store energy. Hence, even during power outages.

Reduced Electricity Bills


By installing residential solar in Perth, you stand a chance to save on your monthly increased energy bills. Since you are not purchasing electricity directly from the grid, you can save considerable money by going solar.

Increases Home Value


A home with a solar panel increases the curb appeal of the property. If you wish to sell your home or want to put it up for rent, you can quote an increased fee for your home as it is well-furnished with the latest technology of solar.

Qualifies for Tax


Even though a solar panel installation is a one-time investment, the local Government authorities offer various tax benefits and cash incentives to families. This policy helps in further lowering the costs.

Works Everywhere


Solar panels are valuable beyond homes and appliances, as they excel in remote areas without power grids. These installations harness sunlight to generate electricity, providing a reliable and sustainable energy source.

Go Solar with iGreen Energy

iGreen Energy is a CEC certified residential solar panel supplier and installer in Australia. We have years of expertise in successfully building and installing premium residential solar in Perth and Adelaide. You can trust our experienced team to receive an affordable quote for your home!

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Residential Package

6.6kW Solar Starter Package

  • 5kW High efficient inverter
  • Inverter Options
  • Solis, Sungrow, Goodwe, SMA, Fronius

9.9kW Family Starter Package

  • 10kW High efficient inverter
  • Inverter Options
  • Solis, Sungrow, Goodwe, SMA, Fronius

13.2kW Power Saver Package

  • 10kW High efficient inverter
  • Inverter Options
  • Solis, Sungrow, Goodwe, SMA, Fronius