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6KW Solar System Price in Perth


We use Tier 1 solar panels for our systems, along with highly efficient inverters that feature the latest battery technology, as part of our commitment for impeccable quality in our offerings.

Best Price Guaranteed

Despite offering the best components for our systems, we do not charge our clients with ludicrous prices. We keep our margins low in our offerings without compromising quality.

Certified Professionals

Every quality offering needs the support of certified professionals. Our quality standards & stringent hiring process mean we our installers and designers are among the best in the industry.

Prompt Service

Our after sales is prompt enough as we promise a quick turnaround time to attend to issues, if any.

The Australian solar installation subsidy for our customers

Simply put, iGreenEnergy have one of the best 6.6kW solar system price Perth. We started our business with the mission of making solar energy accessible for all families; and by providing some of the best value for money solar options on the market, we’ve achieved that. Given we’re Clean Energy Council members, our customers can access financial initiatives offered by the Federal Government through us to really sweeten the deal of installing solar. For example, via the Renewable Energy Target (RET), energy generated by your system is converted into a dollar value that is deducted from the total cost of the system. The overarching goal is to push for 20% renewable energy sourced electricity by 2020, and if we can contribute to this goal, it’s something we’ll be very proud of! If you need more information on the RET scheme or one of the best 6.6kW solar system price Perth, call 1300 044 733; we’re always happy to help!

Our core values

We’re more than just providers of the 6.6kW solar system Perth; we offer a holistic, first-class customer experience. Conducting our own research, and then supplying and installing your new solar system ensures your project is done quickly and perfectly. We’ve based our service around 4 main pillars: Passion for Excellence: Our team produce innovative designs and only install high-performing products Integrity: A commitment to improving environmental sustainability; we don’t cut corners! Customer-first Approach: 100% of our solutions are custom-designed because everyone’s situation is different Value for Money: All of our products are 100% quality-assured, and come with a best price guarantee 5% discount

Long story short: you’ll receive one of the best 6.6kW solar system price Perth and our solar systems will cut your energy bills almost immediately.

The benefits of switching to solar

Switching to solar can significantly minimise your carbon footprint. The sun is a clean, green and renewable energy source 365 days of the year (yes, even in Winter!)
If you purchase from iGreenEnergy, you may be eligible to benefit from the Renewable Energy Target incentives We will personally visit you to undertake a full assessment and draft up the ideal solar solution for you. On top of receiving one of the best 6.6kW solar system price Perth, our solar solutions can save you $1000s on power bills, annually.

If you have any enquiries about products, installation, or one of the best 6.6kW solar system price Adelaide, give iGreenEnergy a call on 1300 044 733! We’re passionate about working towards a greener future, and solar panels are the first move.