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We use Tier 1 solar panels for our systems, along with highly efficient inverters that feature the latest battery technology, as part of our commitment for impeccable quality in our offerings

Best Price Guaranteed

Despite offering the best components for our systems, we do not charge our clients with ludicrous prices. We keep our margins low in our offerings without compromising quality.

Certified Professionals

Every quality offering needs the support of certified professionals. Our quality standards & stringent hiring process mean we our installers and designers are among the best in the industry.

Prompt Service

Our after sales is prompt enough as we promise a quick turnaround time to attend to issues, if any.

How we offer the best solar panel prices Adelaide!

We make sure you score the absolute best solar panel prices Adelaide thanks to our 5% price-beat guarantee. Your sustainable future is as simple as picking up the phone, receiving a personalised quote, and having the system installed by our team of engineers. As a team who are passionate about sustainability, integrity is the back bone of our business. This means that we’re less focused on profit margins, and more focused on high-performance to reduce energy use! If we sell a specific product for higher than you’ve seen elsewhere on the market, then we’ll beat our competitors price by 5%. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay a single cent upfront! We offer smart solar payment plans to get you over the line. If you choose our 2-year plan, you won’t even have to pay interest. You can find the best solar panel prices and plans right here at iGreenEnergy.

Going the extra mile for our customers

As well as offering the best solar panel prices Adelaide, we provide a full-scope solar panels installation. We’re one of the only Australian best solar companies Adelaide who design, supply, and install high-quality solar energy products to families and businesses across the state. We go the extra mile for our customers by offering a 5-year warranty on most solar products, and are Clean Energy Council accredited installers. We can also offer for you to pay your solar system in instalments across either a 2-year or 5-year period. If you choose the 2-year plan, you can pay off your panels completely interest free. To round-off our service, we offer maintenance and servicing; just like your car, solar systems should be serviced regularly! If you’re ready to scrap energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, start with solar energy from iGreenEnergy. We offer the best solar panels prices Adelaide!

About iGreenEnergy

We’ve received an influx of Australian customers because we offer the best solar panel prices Adelaide. We offer these payment plans and budget-friendly options because we’re set on helping as many Australians possible. Behind this motive lies a dedicated team of solar power experts, sales professionals, and other highly trained technicians who work simultaneously to drive Australia’s renewable industry. We have a combined experience of 5+ years, and we’re continually updating our methods and expertise to bring you the latest and most innovative solar power technology. Our practice is 100% compliant with the Clean Energy Council expectations and Federal Government Regulations. We have a diverse range of clientele that spans across both commercial and residential sectors, and our packages cater to all customer needs. If you’re looking for a dedicated team who provide the solar panel system prices — choose iGreenEnergy.

If you have any enquiries about products, installation, or one of the best 6.6kW solar system price Adelaide, give iGreenEnergy a call on 1300 044 733! We’re passionate about working towards a greener future, and solar panels are the first move.