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Brands we work with

Not only are we one of the best solar panel installers Adelaide, but our selection of brands is one of the widest in the industry. Here’s a little introduction to our popular picks: Jinko: Jinko is the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer. As global leaders, they’re continually coming up with innovative ways to boost the performance of their stock. The products are known for their advanced technology, along with the high salt mist and ammonia resistance. Trina: Trina Solar continue to break records and set benchmarks for solar panel quality and performance. Their products are best known for reliability and compatibility with all major balance of system components and module electronics. We also stock Canadian, Qcells, Sungrow, Fronius, Zeversolar, Hanwha Solar, and a range of other credible brands. Call us to learn more about what makes us one of the best solar panel installers Adelaide!


We use Tier 1 solar panels for our systems, along with highly efficient inverters that feature the latest battery technology, as part of our commitment for impeccable quality in our offerings

Best Price Guaranteed

Despite offering the best components for our systems, we do not charge our clients with ludicrous prices. We keep our margins low in our offerings without compromising quality.

Certified Professionals

Every quality offering needs the support of certified professionals. Our quality standards & stringent hiring process mean we our installers and designers are among the best in the industry.

Prompt Service

Our after sales is prompt enough as we promise a quick turnaround time to attend to issues, if any.

Why are iGreenEnergy one of the best solar panel installers Adelaide?

Simply put, we know our solar systems products inside and out. This allows us to tailor solar systems to your home as we have the experience of knowing exactly what works best, and helping our customers reap the full benefits of solar power to save on energy prices forever! All of our solutions are 100% tailored to warrant long-term results. Because we are a comprehensive solar company Adelaide , we don’t believe in off-the-shelf products because they simply don’t fit our clientele. We have the one of the biggest selections of the best Tier 1 solar systems in Adelaide. Once we establish the perfect fit for you, our solar technicians will personally install your new solar panels. This is all included within the initial product fee, so you’ll pay $0 up-front! From there, we can organise a flexible payment plan that suits you. Stick with the one of the best solar panel installers Adelaide and call iGreenEnergy!

How the Government advocate going solar

Part of what makes us the best solar panel installers is our involvement in the Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme. Basically, they encourage the introduction of solar power and promote renewable energy through offering financial incentives. The benefits are generated via small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for companies who offer renewable energy up to 100 kilowatts. While the conditions vary state-by-state, it’s definitely worth looking into the scheme to see if you can reap an even bigger return on investment! In addition to the government support, clean energy is a fantastic way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability as a business. Actions speak louder than words, and customers will appreciate knowing that your business vision extends beyond financial status! To discuss the best solar panel options for your business, give our team a call! We’re the best solar panel installers Adelaide because we cover the full-scope of solar needs!

If you have any enquiries about products, installation, or one of the best 6.6kW solar system price Adelaide, give iGreenEnergy a call on 1300 044 733! We’re passionate about working towards a greener future, and solar panels are the first move.