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What Is A Solar System With A Capacity Of 9.9 KW?

A popular choice among our residential and commercial customers is the 9.9 kW Solar System. Approved inverter (Three Phase), Roof Mounting, and an Australian-approved electrical kit.

Is A 9.9KW Solar System Right For You?

To determine if this is the suitable system size for you, we must first determine your average daily electricity use. This information can be found on your most recent quarterly power bill. The 9.9 kW system would be a good choice if your average daily use is between 32 and 40kWh. As an example, the 9.9 kW Solar system would provide a similar amount of energy to what you use on a daily basis and would also allow you to comfortably increase your daily use if necessary.

What Is 9.9 KW Solar System Price?

We’ll let you know about the 9.9 kw solar system price as soon as you contact us. The cost of our 9.9kW systems varies depending on whatever Package you select.

Savings And Return On Investment In 9.9KW Solar Systems

In terms of actual savings from a 9.9kW solar system on the roof, the outcome is entirely dependent on how efficiently you use the solar power generated and what type of Feed in Tariff agreement you have with your Electricity Retailer. During the Offer stage, our staff will always present you with an estimated Site Specific Solar Performance estimate, which will clearly state your estimated annual savings. You may always use our Solar savings calculator to get a ballpark approximation.

Are You Considering A Solar System With A Capacity Of 9.9 KW?

What happens now that you've done all of your homework and study and have your heart set on the 9. 9kW System? Simply call us and our sales experts will help you. Once you've reached out to us, we’ll offer you with the information and assistance you need to make your Solar journey a success. As soon as you give us the green light on the system, we'll get to work and have your system installed on the roof in 4 to 12 weeks. So, what do you have to lose? Let's get started on the road to recovery.

9.9 KW Solar System Price

9.9kW Family Starter Package

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