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15kW Solar Systems

Our 15kW solar system collection features solar kits which will produce up to 15 kW of power. This converts to 1400 to 3000 kilowatt hours of AC power each month. Choose from a selection of 15kW solar panel with inverters from Solis, Sungrow, Goodwe, SMA, and Fronius. Both grid-tie and off-grid solar kits are available.

Description of 15kw Solar System:

15kw solar panel, a solar off-grid inverter, an MPPT charge controller, and a battery pack make up the system.

The solar off-grid inverter is the heart of a solar power system; it converts the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power to power appliances. Charge controller with MPPT

Solar energy is converted into batteries. The battery pack will discharge to refill energy for loads when solar energy is insufficient or at night.

15 kw solar system price

The 15kw solar system price is affordable and at the same time home solar system kit bundle is of excellent quality.

Maximum load peak power: 15kW; single phase 220Vac system voltage.

Daily power consumption: 60-70 kilowatt-hours.

15 kw solar system can power

  1. 2pcs BTU18000 air conditioner.
  2. 900W lighting.
  3. 2pcs 100W fans.
  4. 1pc 1000W hair dryer.
  5. 2pc 500W cooker.
  6. 2pc 120W TV.
  7. 1pc 500W refrigerator.
  8. 2pc 200W computer

Features of the system:

  1. Multiple operation modes to accommodate a wide range of application needs
  2. Advanced battery management system; Lead-acid battery support; Lithium battery support
  3. With an integrated EMS system, you may save money on your power bill and lessen your reliance on the utility grid.
  4. Auto switchover from on-grid to off-grid, adapting to a complex power grid scenario
  5. Wireless monitoring system, LCD display, numerous connection interfaces
  6. High conversion efficiency, little noise, safety, and dependability are all advantages.
  7. Two MPPT inputs with a wide voltage range, suited for a variety of roof applications
  8. Multiple safeguards, including leakage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, and so on.


-Short-circuit and overload prevention

-Auto restart while the air conditioner is recharging

-Can be used with either mains voltage or generator power


-The output is a perfect pure sine wave.

-Charging current can be adjusted

-Set the AC/DC input priority via the LCD display.


  1. A pure copper transformer is built-in.
  2. In AC by-pass, a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) should be used.
  3. Provide a 24-hour power supply to the load.


  1. Battery management system with advanced features (BMS)
  2. Support for sealed and lithium batteries
  3. Special AC output design, with emergency mode; large loads are controlled separately.

15 KW Solar System Price

15kW Power Booster Package

  • 15kW High efficient inverter
  • Inverter Options
  • Solis, Sungrow, Goodwe, SMA, Fronius

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