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Australian Energy Market Operators have recently made the prediction that within two years every state network in the country will see less demand for electricity in the middle of the day than at night. The AEMO’s 10-year forecast of demand and supply carried out in its annual Electricity Statement of Opportunities notes that since 2012, South Australia has been using minimum electricity during the day. Tasmania followed the crow-eaters last summer, while Victoria, Queensland, and NSW could do the same in the 12-24 months.

Why Is This Happening?

The report has found that the reduced demand for electricity will happen rapidly, likely in the next 5 years, because of projected high rooftop PV uptake. Read also : The Future Prospects of Solar Power in Australia This is supposed to have an impact for some key reasons. The predicted impact this market change is
  • 1. The most affordable electricity will be under the mid-day sun, instead of at night
  • 2. The increasing incentive for storage, both at utility-scale and at the household level, will skyrocket as people try to use the electricity generated during the middle of the day at night

The use of solar panels in Australia is gradually increasing, and it’s making it a convenient and pocket-friendly solution to your daytime energy needs for everyone else as a result. There are many companies offering commercial solar panel to help businesses meet their requirements

Is Solar Power Worth It For You?

There are so many things that come into account when assessing the worth of solar power for an individual situation, including:

  • 1.How big your electricity bills currently are
  • 2. Whether your utility possesses a time-of-use electricity pricing system or not (that means if it does, electricity is perhaps much more pricey at the time that solar systems will be generating maximum power, thus choosing solar can save you a sufficient amount of money)
  • 3.Whether your utility will use a time-of-use pricing system for electricity in the upcoming days or not (this is a rising trend and makes a sense to capitalise on)
  • 4.Whether your city or state has net metering, a feed-in tariff, solar rebates, or various other solar incentives or not
  • 5.The age of your roof
  • 6.Whether your roof is shaded by trees or other buildings
  • 7.Whether you will or have already bought an electric car that could recharge on the electricity produced by your solar panels
  • 8.What is the importance of fighting with global warming, water pollution, and air pollution in your eyes?

In conclusion, as the demand of residential and commercial solar panels increases, solar energy has started to dig a hole in mid-day electricity cost in Australia. We are the best solar panel suppliers in the industry that you can prefer for your best solar installation


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