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Solar energy has swept through Australia, and for good reason too! Residential, industrial, and commercial solar panel systems are helping bring Australian’s into the 21st century with cleaner, more sustainable energy production. This is helping reduce pollution now, and also making the future for our next generation of children a little better. Ultimately, these neat solar panels fixed to the roof of your buildings, shops, homes are capturing and storing the sun’s energy with increasing efficiency, and delivering it to your homes in the form of Electricity.
Emissions by fossil fuel is polluting the air with its harmful gases released in the atmosphere. This is leading to global warming ultimately affecting our ozone layer. To save our immediate future from the predicted rapidly rising sea levels, as well as flora & fauna that are at risk of suffering from increasingly periodic natural disasters, installing solar panels that actively reduce the reliance on greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels is seen as a legitimate solution. By maximising the use of solar energy now, we, the human race, stand a chance of reversing climate change
The advancements made in renewable energy, its sustainability and energy efficiency help us breathe easier. “Clean air benefits from wind power totalled $7.3 billion in public help savings into 2015”, as per the American Wind energy association. This energy has brought power to remote areas that otherwise would not have had access to electricity and helps preserve the planet’s finite resources
Grow Harlem Brundtland remarks “Sustainable Development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”
Australia will soon be known as an eco-friendly country as these solar energy panels will benefit the citizens as well as nature, and is even encouraging other countries to adopt similar initiatives & movements. The innovative design of iGreen and its excellent working is eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly.

It has

  • Family Starter Pack- 2-3 people with 2920-4320kW
  • Business Starter Pack- small business with 14600-21900kW
  • Power Saver pack- 3-5 people with 5800-8750kW
  • Hybrid Solar pack- 3-3people with 5800-8750kW

iGreen is a new-selling solar panel company that has set its base strong in the last five years, and will continue to do so. iGreenEnergy looks forward to a better future with a recycled energy economy

How does it work? The PV panels convert light from the Sun into electricity. This is the simple working of these iGreen solar panels. The Fabricated semi-conductor crystals made with care and detail consisting of cells; the solar panel is the area where the conversion takes place. The De-accelerated Current (DC) is converted in Accelerated Current(AC) and then it is ready to be used.
There is a grid system installation that is economical and easy. Additionally, it has low maintenance and is beneficial not only for the house-owner but also for the environment and comrade around.
They even have options for Panels and Inverters like -:
  • Panel- Jinko, Trina, Canadian, QCells.
  • Inverters- Zever, Sungrow, ABB, SMA, Fronius Solar Inverter.
At iGreen, we ensure that each of our methods and solutions provides storage of sustainable and renewable non-polluting and renewable energy, while also maintaining the Clean Energy council’s policies and Federal government regulations. We aim to follow, stimulate and adopt permissible, eco-friendly and efficient methods in the industry comprising all types of consumers and customers, associate contractors and workers across Australia.
Every business success requires highly efficient, trained and capable personnel. We exercise a high-level commitment and a stringent screening for the hiring process to ensure that we engage only CEC Accredited installers for managing and installing our systems in homes.
The ushering in of iGreenEnergy has positively impacted millions as it has opened up horizons for countless jobs for the otherwise unemployed.
You must wonder “What is so special/different with iGreenEnergy”? iGreenEnergy has expertise and experience of more than 5 years in the market of solar energy. Every part is made with high-grade components and technically-sound design making way for significant savings. The components also carry 5-12 years warranty for most of the products. The products carry the promise of efficient, prompt and seamless installation with highly systematic after-sales service. The payment modes are highly flexible and interest-free.
This solar panel iGreen will be of great significance in the future, as it does not harm the environment and converts solar energy into electricity. Australia’s iGreen service has benefitted many people who have already installed and taken the comfort and ease from this service. This company is honest with its customers and believes in prompt services. All problems being faced by the customers are rectified and resolved by the attendants in all goodwill. iGreen has come up with such advancement that fellow countrymen are bound to update and install the PhotoVoltics on their roof for a better eco-friendly environment
Contact your builder at your earliest to connect with Australia’s iGreen solar panel. The new homes being constructed are installed with iGreen solar panels, which means your house is already equipped with the latest durable and efficient solar panel. It gives out 60% more energy as compared to the conventional panels