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Future Prospects of Solar Power System in Australia

A grand solar power boom is being anticipated for 2018 after an extraordinary number of industrial solar farms got agreed by the Queensland and New South Wales governments last year.
As per the Industry analysts Sun Wiz and renewable website Renew Economy, January month had the biggest record of rooftop installation. And this demand for solar energy installation is increasing day by day
10 solar farm projects got approved by NSW last year – two times more than the year before – and got approved another in this year 2018. Queensland at this time has eighteen large-scale projects in construction, which is a good number in the country
As per John Grimes, the chief executive of the Smart Energy Council, the new farms would get operational within the year. He said that they are very quick and simple, and these solar farms can be developed in just some weeks.
According to the estimate of the Smart Energy Council, the new big scale projects can add from 2.5GW to 3.5GW to the rooftop and national grid installations could add extra 1.3GW. This would almost double the solar energy capacity of the nation, presently 7GW, in just a year.
In the Queensland region, the residential solar panels are the largest source of energy in the state, generating more combined than the 1.7GW Gladstone power station. Simply under a 30 percent of residential houses in the state have got the solar installed – maximum in the country.
With the construction of the novel solar farms, it will grant 17% of the state’s energy. The former energy minister Mark Bailey of Queensland said in the last October month that we have transformed this sunshine state into the solar state.
The planning minister of In New South Wales, Anthony Roberts, said that the 10 new solar farms can generate 1.2GW of energy as well as reduce emissions of carbon by more than 2.5m tonnes – the equal of taking around 800,000 cars to the road
In the year 2017, we saw a record 1.25GW of solar energy system added to the grid all over the nation, counting both rooftop panels and large-scale solar farms. The estimated rate of rooftop solar panels alone in the year 2018 is expected to be around 1.3GW.
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