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3 in 1 Roof” Can be Said as an Ultimate Solution for the Solar Industry

In the present era, the most well-known solar solution is Trina Solar. Their roof is completely composed of quartz glass having a rubber-type substrate; both of them are poor thermal insulators and allow for sufficient heat transfer into upper spaces.
Since now, solar panels are the most efficient way to produce energy on the high-sloped roofs which is until the launch of 3 IN 1 ROOF system. Through in-house testing, it has been determined that in the morning and afternoon hours, 3 in 1 roof systems are as efficient as the traditional Solar Products. But after 3 P.M., we can see a dramatic change in performance. Test reveals that on 88-90 degree day, beyond afternoon around 23% extra energy is produced with the help of the 3 in 1 roof.

What is special about the 3 IN 1 ROOF system?

The 3 IN 1 ROOF system contains heat resistant closed cell foam which is coated with a resilient Geopolymer that rises in temperature only around 12 degrees over ambient. As the ambient rises as well as falls, the same thing happens on the surface temperature of the 3 in 1 roof and also at neighboring frequencies. So, unless summer temperatures go beyond 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the system’s solar module will always yield utmost efficiency. Apart from this, its SPF like foam character blocks each of the solar gains from getting into the attic region, providing day-long cool substrates, garrets and decking, almost removing the heat flowback.

More about 3 in 1 Roof System

The 3 in 1 Roof solution comprises elimination of old roofing, installing each of the substrates, and afterward applying their best tile product. Conventional metal tile and cement tile solar solutions have around a $5.10/watt DC, installed price-point, incorporating all non-solar roofing materials that are required to re-roof the structure. But, such solar modules are not incorporated directly into the tiles, but are simply adjacent, providing questionable curb-appeal as well as a tax subsidy recovery on the solar.
The 3 in 1 Roof system has a 100% durable foam structure with sustainable solar modules, effortlessly installed as well as replaced devoid of disturbing tiles. Its insulating foam core prevents underlayment from cold and hot temperature cycles, preventing eventual mildew, under-tile condensation and dry-rot, extending life-span of substrate by two or more folds.

The Final Note:

When one considers around four to five hours of advanced power generation, it mathematically increases the “over all” efficiency rating of the 3 IN 1 ROOF system’s to 17% to 19%, making it the world’s best and highest performing integrated solar artifact, if not arguably the most competent and suitable commercial solar system fitted on the high-sloped roof the marketplace has ever seen!