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20 kW Solar Power Systems

Our 20 kW Solar Power Systems produce at least 20,000 Watts of power. This amounts to roughly 2,400 kilowatt hours (kWh) of AC electricity every month, assuming at least five hours of sunlight per day.

With a load of up to 16kW, this system is best suited for commercial organisations such as schools, factories, corporations, and farms.

This system can be installed in the residential sector if you have roof space and regularly high power demand patterns. A 20kW solar system adelaide can be customised to meet your needs, including the battery backup you'll need to power your load.

20kW Solar System Price

The 20kW solar system cost is determined by the system's type or category. Any solar system's price is expressed in terms of solar price per watt, therefore a 20kW solar system price depends on the type of solar system.

Prices, discounts, and availability vary by brand, location; for the most up-to-date pricing and stock availability, contact us.

As one of Australia's most popular solar system providers, we understand the growing energy demands of businesses. For small to large businesses, 20kW is a wise investment. Solar power systems typically have a payback period of about 3-5 years.

A 20kW solar system takes up about 134 m2. Based on market research and user feedback, we designed a heavy-duty commercial solar panel system that can provide a continuous power output of up to 20 kWh.

A 20kW solar system consists of eighty monocrystalline tier-1 panels with a power output of up to 90kWh and a 20kW solar system converter, saving your business up to $7300* in annual electricity costs. Higher-quality inverters and solar panels ensure that this energy source is reliable and cost-effective for businesses that require continuous power. Please contact us right away to get the best deal on a 20kW solar energy system. So, what are you waiting for? With our 20kW solar energy system, you can become green with iGreen Energy right now.

Characteristics of a 20kW solar system

  1. Solar panels with high durability and long-term performance.
  2. CEC-approved solar components and installations for maximum efficiency.
  3. High-grade inverter with maximum output.
  4. Reliable installation and maintenance with a 20 kW solar energy system in Brisbane and Queensland.
  5. The finest solar power 20kW cost.

20kW Solar System Consists of

The system consists of panels, an inverter, a mounting kit, quick installation, and a grid connection are all included in the solar system.

  1. The solar panels are from a reputable brand, are tier 1 solar modules, and come with local Australian service.
  2. The inverter has a solid track record and can be monitored online if desired.
  3. The installation kit comes with a versatile roof mounting solution and comes in a variety of styles, including tin, tile, and clip lock.
  4. It's lightweight, anodised, and corrosion-resistant, and an electrician can quickly install it.
  5. Our CEC accredited electrician who is professionally trained for these types of solar systems and has substantial expertise in the field will perform the solar installation.

20 KW Solar System Price

20kW Solar Package Price

  • 20kW High Efficient Inverter
  • Inverter Options
  • Solis, Sungrow, Goodwe, SMA, Fronius

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