iGreen Energy helps its clients reap the benefits of solar power to the fullest. Also, it is helping every one to save on energy bills for the rest of your lives!

As a comprehensive solar power panel company, iGreen Energy believes that every family has unique needs and requirements in terms of power consumption. Off-the-shelf products do not blend in with lifestyles, hence our tailored solar solutions do.

We match energy needs and lifestyle with flexible and scalable solar solutions, giving each family greater control on energy costs and thus contribute their bit in reducing carbon footprint.

What’s more, our solar panels and systems can work for you absolutely no cost upfront. Yes, $0 upfront! Our smart solar investment plan helps you power your home for $0 upfront.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have us as our solar solutions implementation partner:

  • Avail prompt services from solar experts with tailored solutions
  • Have a solar panel system installed without any upfront costs. $0 upfront fees, absolutely!
  • Reduce power bills in a trice, with low solar energy costs
  • Store excess solar energy in batteries
  • 5+year warranty on most solar offerings and low-cost maintenance plans
  • Get the system serviced and monitored promptly and efficiently by a skilled team of engineers
  • Benefit from flexible payment plans that suit your budget
  • Experienced in executing varied rooftop projects, enabling idle roofs to generate green power.
  • Enabled several companies to switch to solar plants to power their businesses

With our innovative products, we are making solar accessible, manufacturing and distributing solar photo-voltaic products for all types of markets.

You can invest in solar with the help of financing on a 2-year payment plan with no interest, a 5-year payment plan with low interest, or just pay the needful outright!

Here is how you can go solar with us in three easy steps

  1. Call iGreen Energy for details, fill in your requirements in the form and submit the same
  2. Receive a personalized quote for your solar energy needs.
  3. Get the system installed by our Clean Energy Council-accredited team of engineers

We continue our journey to harness the power of sun and enable solar energy for everyone. Be a part of the journey today!