Our Core Values

You can trust that we’re one of the best solar panel installers Perth because we always put our customers first. While we’ve invested time, knowledge and expertise into making sure our range is top notch, it’s important that the service matches the quality of the product. To warrant a positive customer experience, here are some of the core values we exercise at iGreen Energy:
Integrity: Our commitment is to environment sustainability, so integrity has to be the backbone of our business. You can trust that every single product we offer is designed to achieve optimal results; minimising environmental impact while rewarding you financially.
Passion for excellence: We’re incredibly passionate about being Australia’s number one solar panel company. Because we’re so invested in the cause, we’re one of the only companies who design, manufacture, distribute, install and service solar panels for consistent quality. Call one of the best solar panel installers Perth for premium service!

Best solar panel installers Perth

How we’re changing solar!

As Clean Energy Council acredited installers and one of the best solar panel installers Perth, we’re making effective solar solutions accessible for everyone. Solar has traditionally only been available to people with higher incomes, as the initial spend on panels and installation is far out of reach for the average home owner. To counter this, we’ve come up with a range of affordable packages that are tailored to your home and lifestyle. We offer a 5% price-beat policy which guarantees you receive the lowest price for any specified model. Additionally, you won’t have to pay a single cent upfront! Our smart solar investment plan makes financing a sustainable future easy. We’ll ensure a brilliant solar panel installer come and take care of your family! Call 1300 044 733 for more information.

Reasons why you should choose us to be your solar solution implementation partner

Choosing one of the best solar panel installers Perth isn’t as easy as it sounds, because the competition is tough. However, there is definitely a few qualities to look for when making your investment. Firstly, make sure that they have the knowledge to back their products. They should be able to comfortably discuss the ins and out of every model to help you purchase with confidence. Secondly, do they offer tailored solutions? Different products achieve different results, so a tailored package will make sure you find the right fit for you. Also consider whether they offer servicing and monitoring, because upkeep is the secret to long-term efficiency with solar! It’s also worth checking their track record to make sure they have experience to back their claims. Far too many business owners can’t practice what they preach! For guaranteed safety, stick with one of the best solar panel installers Perth and go iGreen Energy!

As one of the best solar panel installers Perth, we’re confident we can give you the best advice on solar to achieve your power requirements. We’re chaing the way world’s powered. With our solar panels, you can enjoy free electricity for years to come!