These terms and conditions forms part of the supply and installation agreement for your System and invoicing. 
Definitions:  I/US/WE  Igreen Energy ABN: 15 475 129 368

Clean Energy Regulator is as in

System means solar power system.

Installation Address is the premises where the System is to be installed.

STCs means the Small Scale Technology Certificates

Installer means the accredited installer.

Herein means the contents of this contract/agreement including both the pages.

·       Your Declarations:  By signing this agreement, you declare that:

– you are at least 18 years of age; and

– you are the registered proprietor of the property at the Installation Address or you are authorised by ALL registered owners to enter into this agreement and Igreen Energy  is entitled to rely on this declaration without making any further enquiries; and

– you have read and agree to and acknowledge to the provisions herein.

Payment: you agree to pay Igreen Energy and part payment amount via cheque/cash/credit card/direct deposit. You agree to pay payment in full at the day of installation/ or upon delivery of the goods at your premises.

Title: Legal ownership and title to the installed System shall remain with Igreen Energy and not pass to you until such time as all monies owed to Igreen Energy are paid in full. 

·         Indemnity: You agree to indemnify Igreen Energy against all costs, loss or claim arising from or in connection with your breach or non-performance of this agreement or for the recovery of any Balance owed by you to Igreen Energy.

·         Warranties: We will provide you with all relevant product and installation warranties for your System.  Without exception, when a Balance remains unpaid to us then all warranty callouts for maintenance, service and repairs remain suspended until the Balance is received in full by Igreen Energy.

·         Access: You authorise Igreen Energy or its appointees full and unrestricted access to the Installation Address during reasonable hours to install the System, site Inspections, documentation, delivery, grid connections and agree to assist us in carrying any of these or related tasks. 

·         Attendance: You must be present throughout the installation and commissioning of your System and at the completion, you agree to declare, sign and assign the STCs and any other relevant documentation to Igreen Energy. Should you fail to be present during the entire installation process, you agree to indemnify Igreen Energy from all claims for damages and costs.

·         Risk & Liabilities: Upon completion of the installation, all risks and liabilities in the System and related products and structures shall pass to you even if ownership or title does not pass as a consequence of your liabilities or unpaid monies to Igreen Energy. You agree to take full responsibility for the System and adequately insure it for damage or loss. Notwithstanding, the cost of all liabilities to Igreen Energy howsoever arising shall not exceed the Total Cost [A].

·         Independent Accredited Installer: To ensure your system meets industry best practice and all relevant Australian Standards we contract a Clean Energy Council accredited independent licensed electrician (“Installer”) install your System. This quote includes the cost of contracting such an accredited Installer who is insured to install your System.  You agree that Accredited Installer is responsible for any damage or loss caused to your property as a consequence of the Installer’s actions, omissions, workmanship or negligence. You agree that all such claims for damage or loss to your property must be directed at the Installer and any legal proceedings commenced must include the Installer. Igreen Energy at its own discretion and in good faith may assist you to rectify any damage caused by the Installer to the System.

·         The additional charges may apply where applicable:

– Any information given to Igreen Energy is incorrect or in accurate.

– For any additional equipment or devices required to ensure the safety of the Installer. You will be advised of such costs prior to the installation.

·         Delivery & Installation:  We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your System is installed on the agreed date.  Subject to the provisions herein you may indicate your preference as to the location the solar panels and inverter but you must do as soon as possible before the commencement of any work. 

·         Force Majeure: We will not be liable for any delays caused by a Force Majeure event and at its discretion may terminate this agreement without penalty if it is unable to comply with its obligations pursuant this agreement.

·         Privacy Policy: We will not provide your personal details to anyone unless you authorise us. Such information will be provided to our contractors, staff, Installer and any relevant authorities and electrical distributor to process the STCs incentives and to connect your system to the grid.

·         System Performance: In every circumstance and where possible Igreen Energy will use best endeavour to install the product to optional orientation and exposure to direct sunlight. Igreen Energy does not guarantee performance of the product other than the manufacturer performance warranty which will cover manufacturer under warranty terms. We acknowledge that some premises may not have optimum positioning for the products and customer will still want the products installed with the understanding performance may compromised in certain situations.

·         Warranty/Warranties: Products supplied/installed by Igreen Energy are subject to the manufacturers and importers warranties which are set out in the quote or documentation provided at installation. In relation to accessories, the seller reserves the right to refer warranty claims directly to manufacturer. Igreen Energy is neither bound by nor responsible for any term/condition or warranty given by manufacturer of products/accessories. In the event of claim we will decide on the course of action to be taken and help and assist you to file and get your claim from the manufacture.

 ·       PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  The Deposit is payable with your order.  Balance Due is payable prior to or on the day of installation. 

·       STCs: This quote is based on Igreen Energy obtaining the grant of the STCs. You agree to assign the value of the STCs specified as part payment for the System described herein to Igreen Energy. If you retain the STCs, you agree to pay the full cost of the System including the STCs trading costs before installation. Should you not be eligible or be unable to obtain all or part of the STCs or unable or will not transfer these STCs to Igreen Energy, then the full value of the STCs becomes due and payable to Igreen Energy in addition to the Total Cost [A].

·       Cooling off period: You may cancel this order within ten business days after signing this form by giving in a written notice by email or post. In this case, our liability to you is limited to the deposit amount you paid and we agree to refund this amount to you without any deductions on termination. Cancellations of an order after the cooling off period occurs full loss of deposit.

You acknowledge that Igreen Energy is entitled to terminate this agreement at any time if you do not comply with your obligations or we experience unreasonable delays in carrying out our obligations or if the value of the AUD or our costs for supplies changes significantly or we are unable to supply you with products as ordered. In this case, our liability to you is limited to the deposit amount you paid.

·       *Upgrade of Meter Box other than Net meter install (if needed) will be negotiated & invoiced separately. The cost of the replacement of your current electric meter has to be borne by you, which can be legal charges of Electricity Distributor. Customer agrees to pay balance amount of the system plus any additional costs towards the system installation


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