Have You Heard About the Range of Packages at iGreen Energy?

When you’re filtering through the best solar companies Perth, check out our packages & products! We have solar systems for both residential and commercial buildings, making solar energy truly accessible for everyone. With the right tailored solar system, families can make an annual saving of up to $1,150 with our family starter package. This package includes 12x 270/275 Tier 1 panels that generate about 4,6000kW of energy annually. Our packages gives our customers a choice from some of the best names in solar, including Jinko, Trina, Canadian Solar, and Q Cells. Throughout your decision-making process, we place an emphasis on educating you on the pros & cons of any system tailored to your situation, so you can make a decision with confidence! If you’re ready to start saving, start with the best solar companies Perth by calling 1300 044 733.

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Why should you install a solar system?

Everyone’s heard that “solar’s the way of the future”, but how do you know if it’s right for you? Well, we’ve compiled info that will help you make a more informed decision. First and foremost, solar systems heavily reduce (or can even eliminate) your energy bills! In some cases, you can recoup your return on investment within the 3-5 years of installation, and over your system’s life span even be $10,000 in front than what you’d be otherwise. Solar panels also increase the value of your home, with buyers & renters look to make greener lifestyle choices. This brings us to the next point: reducing your carbon footprint. Installing a solar system can be a fantastic selling point for businesses who want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Stick with the best solar companies Perth and boost your position in the market with iGreen Energy.

Why are we on of the best solar companies Perth?

If you’ve never invested in solar before, you’ll want to know what makes us the right provider for you. The short answer is we’re one of the few Australian companies who design, supply and install high-quality solar panels, nation-wide. This means we have some of the best buying power in Australia, allowing us to pass on the savings from manufacturers to you. Our breadth of knowledge and experiences means we can handle every situation and provide a tailored, holistic solution. Our tailored solutions include assessing your average energy use, your budget aims, and roof design. The brands we stock have been tried, tested, and researched to ensure our customers receive the best value for money. If you’re really looking for the best solar companies Perth, stick with iGreen Energy and receive the personalised service you want!

Sick of filtering through people who claim to be the best solar companies Perth? We guarantee that all the research leads straight back to us. We’re your one stop shop solar shop! Call us on 1300 044 733 today.